For AW19 the Mayla Muse mixes high and low. With a few sporty elements she teams crinkled cotton-linen and drapey crêpes with refined corduroy for textural variety. Shoulder focus, voluminous sleeves and understated asymmetry remain key for the silhouette. The colour palette is soft and neutral, ranging from oat and chocolate to vivid mid-blues and moss greens. Psychedelic, animal inspired prints add edge to more feminine pieces.

Her love for nature and animals is crucial and something that naturally affects her way of dressing, in everything from choice of materials to design and versatility. Whether organic, recycled or from deadstock, each garment is carefully selected, with the environment, people and animals in mind. 



Silk has long been a key material for us at Mayla. But as we strive to avoid all animal derived fibres, we’ve chosen to create a major part of the AW19 collection made from wood-based cellulose fibers. Traditional viscose, also known as artificial silk, has very similar aesthetics compared to silk, has similar aesthetics compared to silk with its soft feel, great breathability and fluid dape. But on the other hand is contributing to global deforestation and resulting in toxic harmful effects to humans and the planet.

For AW19, we’re pleased to share that our primary viscose supply chain is fully traceable and European. We carefully source wood pulp from trees that come from FSC® certified cellulose from a Swedish biorefinery, which originates from local and sustainably managed forests in Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Scotland. Our viscose supplier, ENKA, is Germany-based and certified to Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex® , an independent testing and certification system. 


Our eco-denim is made from 100% organic cotton and finished with a sustainable wash. When making our denim we use eco-certified techniques by Jeanologia™, a Spanish innovative specialist in sustainable technologies for garment finishing. With the combination of their E-flow and ozone techniques, we can finish a pair of jeans with only one glass of water. Typically, it takes 70 litres of water to finish a pair of jeans using traditional laundry methods. Thanks to their modern technology, we can create soft feel jeans and fade vintage “worn-out” looks, without harming the environment.


For AW19 we're introducing Tencel® into our collections. Produced by the Austrian company Lenzing AG, Tencel ® is the brand name for the cellulose fiber lyocell. Tencel® is produced from wood pulp from healthy FSC-certified forests and is produced in a closed loop system where less chemicals and water are used. It also carries the OEKO TEX 100 certification.


30% of our Autumn/winter '19 collection is made out of 'deadstock fabrics'. It actually looks better than it sounds. By buying verified old leftover and over ordered fabrics from other manufacturers we’re creating fashion of textiles that were destined for the landfill.  

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