Today, more than 99% of all clothing thrown away can be either reused or recycled. Sadly, most clothing sill ends up in landfills where it takes up to 40 years for some materials to biodegrade.

As all our garments are made from carefully selected materials to stand the test of tie in terms of both quality and style, we think each Mayla piece deserves a beautiful after-life When the time comes, we therefore encourage you to hand in your pre-loved garment for reuse or recycle.

Want help with this? Hand in your clean and pre-loved Mayla item to us and we will help you sort the item into either rewear or recycle, depending on its condition. Every customer who hands in pre-used clothes will receive a voucher with 20 Euro off next purchase at Mayla.


As a result of the flourishing online shopping, packaging waste is a growing environmental issue. In order to find a more sustainable packaging solution our ecommerce bags are 100% climate neutral and reusable. Our E-com packaging is marked with the ”Återbära” label and is reusable and 100% climate neutral. It means that the carbon footprint from every bag is calculated and compensated by certified tree planting in South America.


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